The Sustainability Hive.

Seeding, Budding, Blooming, Pollinating, Fruiting.

quotes Our ambition is to ramp-up awareness about urgent CSR*
action implementation and to collectively turn our luxury
travel industry into a leading responsibility and sustainability
example for the broader international travel industry, which
represents 10% of the world’s GDP.

We have two


The primary objective of our qualification programme is to enlighten a maximum number of travel designers, luxury travel suppliers (such as hotels, camps, boats, DMCs…) and travellers about CSR* practices.Today, too many professional stakeholders and travellers have a very limited level of awareness about such practices.


The second most important objective is to learn from the best actors in our luxury travel industry and from other industries, to rapidly improve knowledge and practices amongst stakeholders and travellers; to turn the stakeholders of our industry into leading CSR* brands.


Our scientific committee helps us monitor the available international intelligence about CSR* on an annual basis. The past years have shown that green science has often contradicted itself and is permanently discovering new challenges and new solutions. Our scientific committee is continuously looking for additional experts to enlarge its scope.

Regularly self-assessed

The Pristine Mood qualification grid will be reviewed every year based on updated scientific knowledge and on the best practices of our luxury travel community.

We will

Adapted to luxury travel, to luxury travel stakeholders and to travellers

Our shared experience shows that industry professionals might be less aware than consumers, but they are more actively engaged while consumers are very aware but often less actively engaged. Pristine Mood aims at leveraging the professionals in our industry to actively reach and also engage the luxury traveller. Travel designers especially will play a pivotal role in educating the traveller about the most sustainable ways to travel, which should ultimately become a lifestyle choice. They will be supported by as many luxury travel suppliers as possible, through the sustainable solutions they will offer.


Wide eyed approaches and out of the box solutions shall be considered in addition to scientific knowledge. It is about implementing actions that specifically match our luxury travel industry. It is also about watching and being inspired by the progress of other industries. It is finally about paradigm shift, about re-assessing habit acceptance in the light of an urgent necessity for change.

Making qualification affordable

We commit to capitalize on existing Traveller Made human and technological resources pro-bono to support the dedicated Pristine Mood team. This will also contribute to minimize the environmental impact.

Comprehensive and inclusive

The 38 Pristine Mood criteria, in full accordance with agendas, principles and policies of leading organizations, bring legitimacy and transparency to the luxury travel industry sustainability practices.

Sustainability Canopy

We developed 38 criteria summarized in 8 themes in which you will find
many concrete actions to implement helping you operate more sustainably.


You are highly engaged and understand the urgency of sustainability as a priority for the next two years.
You might not have started the path to become more responsible socially and ecologically, but you commit to implementing a minimum of 50% of the actions from our grid.


You have already started your sustainability journey. You declare having implemented actions from our grid, and you are looking to further broaden your sustainability strategy.


You are a confirmed Pristine bee. You proved to have implemented the essential actions from the grid. You are now consolidating your engagement towards a more sustainable world.

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